The R.S.T. Flying Club ( Ringkøbing-Skjern-Tarm ) belonging to Stauning Lufthavn ( EKVJ ) wishes to invite our Danish and foreign friends to pay us a visit. Part of our club house has been fitted up in such a way that we can have four guest in a small flat with a furnished living room, a small kitchen with refrigerator, a toilet and shower and a separate entrance.

          In the flat there are four bunk beds - please bring your own sleeping bags. Bicycles are available. We demand no payment for using the flat, but expect our expenses for electricity to be reimbursed.

          So why not pay us a visit - it cannot be cheaper. Enjoy the nature of West Jutland. 1 km to the Ringkøbing Fjord and approximately 20 km to the North Sea. There will be a bus timetable in the room. The refrigerator contains beer and mineral water, 10 Dkr. ( 1,5 Euro ) pr. bottle.

          We have a splendid asphalt runway ( 27/09 ), approximately 1400 m long.










          Fuel ( 100 LL ), Status as AFIS and customs airport with general opening hours from 08,00 till 16,00 o'clock. Localizer approach to runway 27 via VJ  NDB and with approach to runway 09 via AU  NDB. After closing time, we fly till sunset on our own risk, as if it were an unmanned airport. Remember that we VFR pilots are allowed to use the localizer and the NDB´s during visual weather conditions.

          After the end of flying, you can start the grill, maybe after first having visited the museum. The museum is placed approximately 200 m west of the club house. Read about the museum here.

          Are you interested, please contact:


                   Allan jensen   tlf.  51 22 92 97

                   Allan Jensen   e-mail